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1. Which smartphone brands are covered under the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan?

- We cover most of the brands available in the market namely Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Poco, OnePlus, Asus, and Realme. (For above mentioned brands, only selected models are eligible for the plan)

2. When can I purchase the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan?

- The plan must be purchased within 1 year from the date of purchase of your device.

3. Where can I purchase the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan?

- Currently, we’re only selling the plan online. A lot of retail stores and e-commerce platforms often charge hefty margins to recommend our plans to shoppers. This ends up getting factored into the cost, increasing plan prices for customers like you. That’s why, for the near future we’ll be available only direct-to-consumer through this website.

4. Can I get a Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan for a 2nd hand device?

- No.

5. Why am I required to pay before the DIY Diagnosis?

- Currently, our plan is limited only to select customers. The charge is a blocking fee that blocks your spot in our program while we check whether your phone is eligible to participate or not. In case your phone doesn’t pass the test, rest assured that the blocking fee will be refunded.

6. How much time will it take for refunds to be credited to my account/card?

- We initiate the refund immediately, the exact time by which you receive your refund may depend on your bank. This process usually happens instantly or within 48 hours.

1. How do I activate my Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan?

- Once your phone passes both DIY Diagnosis tests, you will receive intimation of plan commencement via e-mail. The same will also be reflected on your personal dashboard that is accessible once you login. There is no further plan activation required for your device to be covered.

2. How long can my phone be covered at a stretch for under the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan?

- Currently, the plan available for purchase stretches to 6 consecutive months of cover.

3. Can I repurchase the plan after my 6 month plan gets over?

- Yes. However, you will not be able to purchase the plan if your device has already crossed the mark of 1 year from date of purchase.

4. What kind of screen damage is covered under the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan?

- Plan covers any cracks that may have developed on the screen. We do NOT cover damage due to exposure to liquid, dead pixels, scratches or normal wear and tear. Cracks are covered, scratches are not.

5. Does the plan include pick-up and drop of the damaged device?

- No.

We only cover the component and labour cost of the screen replacement. Any pick-up and drop of the damaged or repaired device must be managed by you.

Reasons for not including a pick-up and drop include:

• It lowers the risk of contact with an infected pick-up or delivery executive.
• It can generally add up to 4 days of waiting to your screen replacement time.
• Communicating directly with the authorized service center keeps you updated in real-time and increases your chances of being loaned a replacement device to tide over unusually long repair-times.
• We can pass on the savings of not hiring executives, by offering you cheaper plans.

If you are unable to visit the service center / repair shop yourself, we suggest using a hyper-local delivery service (Swiggy Go, Dunzo etc.) or a concierge service that may be active in your area for the same. Please do inform them that they’ll need to collect (i) the job-sheet; and (ii) the final invoice from the service center, and hand it over to you. These documents will be necessary when claiming your balance payout under the plan.

1. How do I file a service request for a cracked screen?

- You can file a service request by navigating to the ‘File A Service Request’ button present on your personal dashboard after logging-in to your Safestash customer account.

2. How do I check the status of my service request once filed?

- Once you have filed a service request, you can track the status of the same via your personal dashboard by logging in to your Safestash customer account.

1. What documents will I require to be eligible for payouts under the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan?

- To receive the advance 20% payout under the SafeStash Cracked Screen Restore Plan, you need to file a service request and complete the DIY diagnosis.

Once you have received the advance payout, you need to get the device repaired at the nearest authorized service centre and upload (i) the job sheet; and (ii) the final signed invoice; that you have received from the authorized service center/repair shop.

2. What is the payout I am eligible to receive under the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan? How are these payouts calculated?

If you have cracked your phone screen, and are choosing to replace the same at a company-authorized service center, you shall be eligible to receive a payout that is equal to the current market value of the original screen component. This payout will be split into two parts:

1. 20% of the payout shall be credited to your designated bank account as soon as the DIY diagnosis confirms that your screen is cracked.

2. The balance 80% of the payout shall be credited to your designated bank account once you’ve uploaded the required documents (i.e. the job-sheet and the final signed invoice).


If you choose to repair your cracked screen at an authorized service center that charges Rs. 10,000 (current market value) to replace your screen with an original spare, you will be eligible to receive Rs. 2,000 after the damage is ascertained after the DIY Diagnosis Tests, and the balance Rs. 8,000 when you upload the job-sheet and final signed invoice received from the authorized service center.

3. How will payouts be credited to me?

- You will be sent a link on your registered email id and mobile number post successful results for each payout via our Payment Gateway Partners. You can choose the most convenient mode of payment and update details there. Our Payment Gateway offers choices from UPI, IMPS and NEFT.

SafeStash does not store any banking or payment related information shared by you.

4. How much time will it take for the payouts under the plan to reach me?

- Once you have purchased the plan, you will be able to designate a bank account for credit of all payout amounts, within your secure dashboard. You can change the designated bank account details right up until you file a service request. You will not be able to change the bank account details between payouts.

5. Are there any hidden charges?

- No, there are no hidden charges or excesses. Statutory taxes shall be applicable at the time of plan purchase. In the event that any statutory deductions are required to be made under Indian laws, the same maybe made with the requisite receipts being furnished.

1. How do I contact customer care?

- You can send us your query by emailing us at support@safestash.in or by filling the form on the Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

2. Can I transfer an ongoing plan to a newer device for the remaining period?

- No. Unfortunately no transfers between devices will be possible once the plan has commenced.

1. I am facing issues with the Mirror Test in the activation process. How do I Proceed?

- In case you’re unable to calibrate your phone for the mirror part of the test while purchasing the Safestash Cracked Screen Restore Plan, try cleaning your mirror and your front camera lens thoroughly before trying again. If you are still unable to calibrate your device for the test, you may choose to skip the test and get a refund of the blocking fee paid.

2. I do not have any cracks on my phone screen, yet the test insists that I do. How do I proceed?

- We are constantly working on refining our technology to make it more accurate. However, at this moment we will not be able to offer the plan to you.

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